Square Pegs and Round Holes #2

I’m sure you’re all on tenterhooks wondering how things have been going since my last post on this subject?


Tough. I’m going to tell you anyway. If nothing else, it helps me clear my head and check what I’m doing.

To start with, not a lot happened – other things got in the way. Then I got down to creating the DB architecture, and then refactoring the DB architecture as I realised I was making it way too complicated. The core business data is now in 5 tables.

Then I got down to work with Code Igniter and Ocular – always a good starting point, if you ask me. I’m developing pragmatically, capturing the major requirements first, and things are moving on apace.

Today’s major task will be importing over the libraries and helpers I haven’t already taken (from our other Code Igniter based projects). I need to do this in the office just in case I need to ask about their integration; I can’t be left trying to work it out for myself over the weekend if things don’t pan out right.

Once the libraries are imported and working, I’ll continue building the business logic into the models based on the prioritisation of the features.

I need to leave myself a good 3 – 4 hours to ‘prettify’ the application, but I’m marking it all up with HTML ids and classes, so that shouldn’t be too bad.

Finally, on Monday, deploy to the Staging Server and make sure the DNS is hitting it. (Which reminds me – must get the DNS names sorted out tomorrow.)