A Sheepish Apology to my project52 Brethren

This post is by way of an apology – I’ve been very lax in my commitment to Project 52. It all started very well, in that I got my first post out in good time, but since then there’s been nothing. Given that the first post set out my plan for how I would manage a post a week, I feel that I’ve let down both the p52 community and myself. That said, it’s only week 5(!) and I do have a lot to write about – it’s just finding the time that’s the problem. As a fan of Getting Things Done, this shouldn’t be the issue, but there you are.

So you can look forward to some posts about the following:

  • The 3 books I’ve recently taken receipt of. I’ll not be writing reviews until I’ve read them (novel, I know), but want to introduce them to you and the reasons why I acquired them;
  • The two project releases that we did at the end of January;
  • My new kitchen. (Well, it’s of interest to me, and I want to ‘big up’ the suppliers and workmen who, on the whole, did a fantastic job.)

So, that’s it for now – watch this space, as they say…