Help me become Agile

Hi everybody,

I’m looking to find a software company in the Sussex area (or London) that is using Agile development methodologies, and which wouldn’t mind accommodating me for perhaps a day to look at their processes in action. I’m particularly interested in:

  • Scrum-based development
  • A company that is not Rails/Grails based
  • Is managing, to some extent one or more of the following:
    • Automated testing,
    • Automated deployment,
    • Database migrations,
    • Development management software (such as Pivotal Tracker, but not necessarily)
  • Brighton area, but anywhere in Sussex or London would be great

I’m hoping that there are altruistic, sharing companies out there that will take me in and show off their practices. I’m keen to move our development further up the ladder to full ‘agility’ and would appreciate the time and others’ experiences in making the right choices.

Many thanks in advance.

Please contact me directly through any of the contact points on my about page.

Also, if this is not for you, but you know of someone who may be able to help, please send them a link to this post.