WordPress Delicious widget broken

The recent update to Delicious, since its change of ownership to Avos (from Yahoo!), seems to have broken my ‘Noted’ sidebar widget. Which is a shame, because I’ve got loads of great links to share with you.

According to Avos’ blog:

We’re still supporting all Delicious APIs and feeds, with more on the way

I’ll leave the widget there, empty, for now, and hope its content returns.

Have you suffered the same fate? Did you find a way to resolve it? Let me know in the comments.

Update: 11:42pm

  1. Sorry – obviously I still want you to see all the memorable links that I am grabbing, so go here to the delicious links, or here to see them on Pinboard.
  2. And, yes, Pinboard is now way behind on it’s mirroring of Delicious links, so I suspect that the API is broken for that, too.
  3. Turning their weapon against them (so to speak) keevacaereni has set up a Delicious ‘stack’ to curate information about the transition

Update: 29th September 9:16am

Have just noticed (sorry, was in a massive meeting all yesterday) that there’s a Delicious Transition Blog, where AVOS are posting progress on resolving the issues we’re all encountering.

I’ve done a bit of techie delving and discovered what I think is the reason for the WordPress widget failure. See my short blog post about it.


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6 thoughts on “WordPress Delicious widget broken

  1. I have this problem too, please do blog if you figure out a way to resolve it. I also don’t seem to be able to access my Delicous account with my old password and the password reset isn’t working. People who have got in are saying that a lot of the functionality has gone. Maybe it’s time to look at other bookmark providers?


    • I must admit that I’m not fond of the ‘make over’ that the Avos guys have given delicious. I also had some problems – it seems to forget that I’m logged in on occasion, which isn’t good.
      As regards missing functionality, I can’t see how to get my tags as a cloud, but that’s the only thing I’m missing (that I used to use). I’m sure there’s more that I didn’t know existed, perhaps(!)
      If you’ve lost your account, that may be because you didn’t transfer across your information. Emails were sent to delicious users’ registered email addresses requesting that they go through a process in order to maintain their links over the transfer of site ownership – did you not get that?
      And finally, with regard to alternative bookmarking services, I use Pinboard in parallel with Delicious (it can be set up to grab your Delicious bookmarks and add them to your Pinboard account). It’s a little more spartan than Delicious, but a useful backup, if nothing else. Having said that, it hasn’t transferred any of my new Delicious bookmarks for today, yet, so perhaps that API link is broken, too.


  2. My Delicious sidebar in both IE and Firefox is now empty even though my Delicious account is still showing all the links. Also, Yummy for iPhone has crashed as well. This is not looking good so far.

  3. Same problem here! I had an entire links page that is now completley blank due to the changes. I never received an email, or any sort of notification informing me that this change was going to happen! Why remove functionality?

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