Further info on the Delicious WordPress Widget Issue

In a previous post I noted that the transfer of Delicious from Yahoo! to AVOS had caused the WordPress Delicious widget to break. Having been slightly ‘out of the loop’ for a day or so, due to an out-of-the-office development strategy meeting, yesterday, I returned to the office this morning to discover Delicious’ beta status blog.

It’s encouraging to see all the progress that Avos is making in resolving the issues that so many people have encountered during the transition, but there’s no mention of the WordPress widget issue that I (and so many of you out there) are having.

At this point I should state that here I’m considering the Delicious widget in the hosted (free-to-use) WordPress system, not the roll your own .org version.

I did a bit of sniffing on the requests made by the widget when the page is loaded, and it’s hitting the Delicious feed URL requesting JSON formatted data in return. In my case, the url is ‘http://feeds.delicious.com/v1/json/adycoles‘. This is returning a (very pretty, but useless) Page not found HTML page, which isn’t going to help a script, let alone a human being.

I’d like to point this out to the Avos people – that there is a JSON version of the API that they’re seemingly not considering (all information in the aforementioned blog discusses only JS endpoints) – but the blog is not open to comments.

I’m going to send an email and see whether that gets the wordpress.com community any further attention (or, indeed, any attention at all).

Watch this space.

Update: 4th October 2011

I’ve decided to replace the Delicious widget with an RSS feed. Not ideal, but a work-around. See later post about it.


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15 thoughts on “Further info on the Delicious WordPress Widget Issue

    • So far, I’ve heard nothing back from my email last Wednesday, apart from an automated reply.

      As soon as I get any response I’ll update this blog entry. If you subscribe, you’ll get a notification.


  1. The Delicious redesign is a trainwreck. I’m having this issue too, but don’t expect it to be resolved any time soon. Funny, because this widget was about the only reason I was going to keep using Delicious. Still, if you’re happy to keep pursuing this, I’ll keep checking back.

    • Yes, I tend to agree with you – it is a case of change for change’s sake, and they’ve made it a whole lot worse.

      I’ve still not had a human response from my email and, like you, I’m beginning to suspect that they won’t.

      The delicious widget was a useful widget and I got a lot of click-throughs to the articles that I linked to, so I really need it or something equivalent. Unfortunately, I have a hosted WordPress site, like yourself, and don’t know of any other widget to replace it with.

      What are your plans regarding your blog and the Delicious widget?

      • Not sure. What I did before was use the Delicious tool to selectively post bookmarks with certain tags to the blog, so I could ensure it was all on topic. I guess I might just use Delicious now for bookmarking sites related to that topic and try and do a similar function straight from the Delicious RSS feed. Haven’t tried it yet though.

        I’ve moved my main bookmarking to Diigo, to make the workflow for tweeting bookmarks easier, but even that’s not as good as Delicious was before.

        • I work the other way round – I use packrati.us to add tweets with links in them to my delicious account; it extracts hashtags into delicious tags, which is really useful.

          I might have a go at replacing the delicious widget with an RSS feed, as that seems like the best way forward, short of delicious getting their act together.

          However, currently on a commute to Germany, so it’ll have to wait until this evening.

          Watch this space, as they say…

      • OK, well the RSS widget plan worked. Slightly disappointed now that I can’t sever all ties with Delicious, but maybe they’ll get it sorted and re-develop a useful tool.

        • Can you not use an RSS feed from Diigo and get rid of delicious completely? Not tried Diigo, myself, but, like you, always looking for alternatives.

          Glad you’ve got a solution that works for you, though, even if it is a compromise.

      • Yeah, good point. Diigo can set up RSS feeds for particular tags, so I can just feed the tag I use to feed bookmarks to my blog into the RSS feed widget and Bob’s your uncle. Looks like I didn’t bother to put a few recent bookmarks that I put into Delicious into Diigo, but hopefully this is a winner! Cheers.

      • As it turns out the “tag” RSS feed in Diigo seems to miss a few entries out. So, a black mark there. Back to Delicious for the time being then, but I’ll see what Diigo say about it.

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  3. Do you guys think wordpress can in any way help solve the problem? after all if this widget does not work, they could just make another from a delicious competitor, right?

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