Wanted: PHP in the Cloud


Currently researching moving a suite of  hosted PHP (well, LAMP) applications to a cloud-based infrastructure. Particularly interested in:

  • One-click deployment
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – flexibility, performance, scalability, load balancing
  • Metrics
  • Resilience

I have discovered phpfog and would be interested in feedback:

  1. From people who use phpfog – is it good/bad? Ease of use. Cost effective?
  2. From people who use something that is not phpfog – What do you use? Your experiences.

If you have anything to offer to support my research, I would be really grateful if you would leave a comment. Also appreciate (re)tweets in order to spread the net.

Many thanks in advance,


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2 thoughts on “Wanted: PHP in the Cloud

  1. Ady,
    I’m not a customer, I’m actually a product manager at PHP Fog. I don’t want to give you the pitch since you are looking for feedback from our customers. Having said that, I do have a couple pointers for you.

    First, you can check out our blog where we highlight some of the customer projects. That way you can reach out to them more directly to get their input.

    The second option is to go to http://community.phpfog.com/ and ask there. It’s a good forum for discussing likes, dislikes, and product direction.

    • Hi,

      Many thanks for your comment. I’ll definitely check out the resources you’ve listed. And thanks for not pitching – I’ve reviewed the capabilities and it looks like what I’m interested in, but it’s the users’ experience that I’m keen to solicit, as you’ve noted. I’m not that comfortable to directly contact your customers unsolicited, but if you could introduce me to some through this post or via the details on my contact page, that would be a bonus.

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