Final word on the Delicious WordPress Widget

So, this will be my last word on the subject. To be honest, nothing’s changed since my last post; I’ve had nothing back from Avos regarding the support question I raised, and so I continue to incorporate my Delicious links into my blog template using the RSS feed.

The one thing that would resolve the issue would be for WordPress to update the Delicious widget to use the V2 API, which works perfectly in the new Avos system, rather then the V1 API, which Avos have not maintained across the purchase. I’m not holding my breath, but hope that something will be done here.

Of course, now that I’m using an RSS feed, there’s no reason for me to continue with Delicious at all, and I could just as easily switch to an RSS feed from my Pinboard bookmarks instead.

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2 thoughts on “Final word on the Delicious WordPress Widget

    • This seems to be what most people are choosing to do (whom I have heard from, at least). Thing is, I like Delicious; it’s still the most popular bookmarking service and it generates a lot of traffic and interest. Pinboard is up-and-coming, but not as well used (or known) and is considered a bit ‘techy’.
      Whilst my Delicious links are being automatically mirrored to Pinboard, I’ll stick with the former – I can easily switch over to the latter at a later date with no loss of data.

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