Migrating data the long way

My Macbook Pro (MBP) has been acting slowly recently; I wouldn’t want to attribute it to upgrading to Lion, but I think that’s almost certainly the major cause. I was happy to live with this (though my son and his mum constantly complain about the speed of the games and activities on the CBeebies website).

However, I recently came to back up the machine (Time Machine onto a Time Capsule) and it kept locking up. I did all the things that the various forums and knowledge bases suggested to no avail.

Not wanting to do anything major without having a back-up (my most recent back-up being on a now-defunct Time Capsule) I figured I should get my data onto another machine. Fortunately, I had been wanting to do this for some time. I have a Mac Mini at home that’s got an Eye TV plugged into it and I wanted to have this as my major media device. This would mean transferring all my music and photos from the MBP onto the Mini:

  • iTunes library and associated folders (2500 albums, plus a couple of films, TV series and podcasts)
  • iPhoto library (~3000 photos)
  • Aperture library (a couple of events)

I chose to do this in a very laborious (read time-consuming) way. I dropped each item into the Mini’s drop box and then backed up the Mini. Then I copied the library to the correct location and did another backup. Then I loaded the relevant application and made sure all was working and did a third backup. Then I deleted the copy from the drop box and the MBP (followed by a fourth and final backup). I did this for each of the libraries. Happy to say that all is working on the Mini. Fortunately I wasn’t in any hurry to get this done.

The next step will be to strip down the MBP and re-install from scratch. I’m hoping that this will both sort out my speed issues and allow me to get Time Machine working successfully. I’ll let you know how that goes in due course.

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2 thoughts on “Migrating data the long way

  1. I can imagine how long this would have taken you. I backup frequently to both my time-machine as well as a separate hard drive. Its a bit tedious but I move the root files for my iTunes and Aperture libraries onto the external hard drive at least once a month to make sure everything is backed up twice.

    • Good advice.

      I tend to have multiple copies of anything important. I use DropBox across my machines and the Mac Mini is set to back this up. I also keep any reference material in Evernote, which has never let me down. The only thing I needed to transfer was the media which was being backed up to an older Time Capsule until it went pop.

      Still haven’t stripped the MBP down yet. One day, one day…

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