How to make the Pomodoro Technique excellent – a wish

Here’s what’d be really excellent – if my favourite Pomodoro application and my favourite Task Management application would combine forces.

I use the Pomodoro application to manage my time-boxing and Wunderlist for my To-dos. What I’m lacking is the ability to fully manage my pomodori online – currently, if one’s truly following the Pomodoro technique – I have to write each task down on a piece of paper (I use index cards for no reason other than I have several spare boxes since we moved our sprint planning online) indicating how many Pomodori I think it’s going to take. And then I use the Pomodoro application to record success, failure and interruptions.

Now, if Wunderlist included the ability to mark up each task with the number of pomodori and then run the pomodori, recording interruptions, etc., I’d be a really happy chappy.

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5 thoughts on “How to make the Pomodoro Technique excellent – a wish

  1. Pomodoro technique is good but a little boring.In fact there is GAME based on pomodoro technique called Pomodorium 🙂 makes it more fun

    • Just had a look at the game – I’m not really an RPG kind of guy – but looks pretty cool if you’re into that kind of thing.

      I really like the Pomodoro technique – I think its ‘boringness’ is it’s best bit. If it was interesting it would be a distraction from actually getting the task done.

    • Thanks for your comment, Mark, and thanks, too, for citing me in your post.
      For the record, I’m still using index cards to record my Pomodori. (I had to buy some more when the original sprint planning ones ran out!)

      I do hope someone does a technical integration of a task manager and the Pomodoro Technique, though.

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