New ‘Found’ search app fails to impress

I’ve only had a few hours access to the new ‘Found‘ Mac OS search application, but I’ve already found it lacking. These are my initial thoughts.

Found is a new search engine for Mac that enables you to search across both your local and cloud services. It boasts:

  • A lightning-fast character-by-character search
  • Instant preview of local and cloud files, even when offline
  • Drag & drop any file

Once installed, I ran it and it came up with my local drive and my Dropbox account already available to search. I’ve also added in a GMail account and set that up to search both mail and Google docs.

All very easy to do and yes, it is lightning-fast and the instant preview is impressive.


However, this is pretty much all it can do – local files, dropbox (which is locally mirrored anyway) and Google Mail and Docs. Plus, there’s little to no information about their future plans for the application and their website is an excellent example of obfuscation. Their ‘blog’ and ‘support’ links simply point at their terms of service, and you only know that these links exist if you first click on the ‘terms’ or ‘privacy’ links at the bottom of their homepage (yes, both these also link to the one ‘terms’ page).


I won’t be using Found very much for the time being. I’m perfectly happy to simply use a combination of Alfred and Greplin, both of which offer masses more functionality and search access to many, many cloud and social media services. See my previous blog post about how to link these two applications.

Did you get an access code for Found? Let me know what you think by commenting below.