Why I love mobile tech

I just love how the tech around me makes doing the nitty-gritty work less time-consuming.

I’m on a train. I’m getting all my RSS and social media feeds though to my iPad via Flipboard. In Flipboard I can email articles I think are informative or useful to my Buffer account, so that they will be tweeted out at regular intervals during the day. My Delicious account ‘listens’ to my tweets and adds any links it finds in them to my delicious account (extracting hash tags to categorise). My yammer account and LinkedIn accounts listen to my tweets, too. If there’s a #yam (or #in) tag in the tweet then they publish the tweet on their channels. My Pinboard account automatically mirrors all my Delicious entries. At the end of the day, all I have to do is put my new Delicious entries into stacks, should I want to.

I love technology!