Greplin evolves into Cue – and saves our day

So, Greplin is now (or soon will be, if you’re waiting for the web app) Cue.

The application icon for the Cue iPhone appThe iPhone app (automatic upgrade from the Greplin app, if you have it) is very nice and I will be trying it out for a week or so to see whether it’s all it claims to be.

Features in the new app include:

  • An enhanced calendar – Cue provides an intelligent snapshot of your day by automatically connecting related emails, phone numbers, and addresses.
  • Flight reservation management and check in, package tracking.
  • See contact info alongside their recent emails and latest posts on social media channels.

For more information, Adrianne Jeffries has written a post on the Betabeat blog.

Meanwhile, users of the Greplin web-based search tool will be disappointed to learn that it is being discontinued. This is spoken of in Adrianne’s post, but I couldn’t find any reference to it on the Cue site or blog. I, for one, will be very disappointed if this vanishes. (For a start, it’ll make this post of mine redundant.)

What do you think of the change? Good? Bad? What’s greplin? Comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Greplin evolves into Cue – and saves our day

  1. Hi, I’m the mobile developer here at Cue.

    We’re not discontinuing our search functionality! It seems there was some confusion in the launch coverage, and our messaging was not as clear as it could have been.

    The Cue app has a search tab which maintains identical (expanded, even) functionality to the original Greplin app.

    The web search interface is back online as well. Our apologies for the outage!

    Thanks for using the app, I hope you love it!

  2. Hi Aaron,

    Many thanks for commenting.

    As I said in my post, the news of the search discontinuation was only second hand – I couldn’t find anything on the Cue site to corroborate (or deny) it. I’m very happy that it’s staying – it’s a great tool in itself.

    I’ve been trying out the iPhone app for just a day now and I really like it. It does seem to crash fairly often, but no doubt that’s something you are working on personally 😉

    I’m going to write a review of the app once I’ve had a chance to really use it. I’m off to Brussels for a few days next week and intend to try and use Cue in earnest whilst I’m there.


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