Evernote/Moleskine: A Great Example of Lowering the Barrier Between Online & Offline

As a massive fan of both Evernote and Moleskine notebooks, I follow their products very closely. And when those products overlap, I keep an even closer eye on them.

Such is the case with the Moleskine Evernote notebook family, which is rapidly expanding and now includes a weekly diary. Although it’s not currently available in the UK, it’s already out in the US and other regions, so it shouldn’t be long before I can get my hands on one.

The Moleskine / Evernote collaboration is a brilliant example of bringing off-line and online tools together. It’s also an example of where two companies, seemingly in competition with each other, can work together for the greater good of  both parties.

I’d be lost without Evernote, and bereft if I couldn’t jot things down in a notebook. With the Moleskine Evernote notebook collection we have the best of both worlds.


You can, of course use any notebook and photograph / scan it into Evernote. (Indeed, I do – I have Moleskine Evernote notebooks, ‘generic’ Moleskine notebooks and non-Moleskine notebooks and they all serve the same purpose.) If you don’t need the Smart Stickers or 3 months subscription to Premium then you don’t need one of these notebooks.

Question: Do you use Evernote and / or Moleskine notebooks? What are your experiences? I’d love to hear about them in the comments. You can leave a comment by clicking here.