Taking part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge

This year I’m going to take part in the A-Z Blogging challenge.

This means I’ll be publishing a blog post every day in April (except Sundays). Just to confuse matters, I’m going to be doing the challenge on my Sett blog (which is new and in need of some posts).

My Sett blog is for more personal reflections – more like a diary-come-memoir – and I hope you’ll stop by there and read the pieces.

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Final word on the Delicious WordPress Widget

So, this will be my last word on the subject. To be honest, nothing’s changed since my last post; I’ve had nothing back from Avos regarding the support question I raised, and so I continue to incorporate my Delicious links into my blog template using the RSS feed.

The one thing that would resolve the issue would be for WordPress to update the Delicious widget to use the V2 API, which works perfectly in the new Avos system, rather then the V1 API, which Avos have not maintained across the purchase. I’m not holding my breath, but hope that something will be done here.

Of course, now that I’m using an RSS feed, there’s no reason for me to continue with Delicious at all, and I could just as easily switch to an RSS feed from my Pinboard bookmarks instead.

WordPress Delicious widget work-around

This is part 3 of a seemingly never-ending saga which started here and continued here.

OK, I bit the bullet, removed the Delicious widget and replaced it with a plain-old RSS one. (Thanks to Andy Extance for trying it.) After a bit of CSS jiggery-pokery it almost looks the same as the original. For my RSS feed the URL is: http://feeds.delicious.com/v2/rss/adycoles. Replace the last bit with your Delicious username and you’re good-to-go.

However, I’m not satisfied and intend to pursue the loss of JSON feed (which the Delicious widget relies on).

Further info on the Delicious WordPress Widget Issue

In a previous post I noted that the transfer of Delicious from Yahoo! to AVOS had caused the WordPress Delicious widget to break. Having been slightly ‘out of the loop’ for a day or so, due to an out-of-the-office development strategy meeting, yesterday, I returned to the office this morning to discover Delicious’ beta status blog.

It’s encouraging to see all the progress that Avos is making in resolving the issues that so many people have encountered during the transition, but there’s no mention of the WordPress widget issue that I (and so many of you out there) are having.

At this point I should state that here I’m considering the Delicious widget in the hosted (free-to-use) WordPress system, not the roll your own .org version.

I did a bit of sniffing on the requests made by the widget when the page is loaded, and it’s hitting the Delicious feed URL requesting JSON formatted data in return. In my case, the url is ‘http://feeds.delicious.com/v1/json/adycoles‘. This is returning a (very pretty, but useless) Page not found HTML page, which isn’t going to help a script, let alone a human being.

I’d like to point this out to the Avos people – that there is a JSON version of the API that they’re seemingly not considering (all information in the aforementioned blog discusses only JS endpoints) – but the blog is not open to comments.

I’m going to send an email and see whether that gets the wordpress.com community any further attention (or, indeed, any attention at all).

Watch this space.

Update: 4th October 2011

I’ve decided to replace the Delicious widget with an RSS feed. Not ideal, but a work-around. See later post about it.


WordPress Delicious widget broken

The recent update to Delicious, since its change of ownership to Avos (from Yahoo!), seems to have broken my ‘Noted’ sidebar widget. Which is a shame, because I’ve got loads of great links to share with you.

According to Avos’ blog:

We’re still supporting all Delicious APIs and feeds, with more on the way

I’ll leave the widget there, empty, for now, and hope its content returns.

Have you suffered the same fate? Did you find a way to resolve it? Let me know in the comments.

Update: 11:42pm

  1. Sorry – obviously I still want you to see all the memorable links that I am grabbing, so go here to the delicious links, or here to see them on Pinboard.
  2. And, yes, Pinboard is now way behind on it’s mirroring of Delicious links, so I suspect that the API is broken for that, too.
  3. Turning their weapon against them (so to speak) keevacaereni has set up a Delicious ‘stack’ to curate information about the transition

Update: 29th September 9:16am

Have just noticed (sorry, was in a massive meeting all yesterday) that there’s a Delicious Transition Blog, where AVOS are posting progress on resolving the issues we’re all encountering.

I’ve done a bit of techie delving and discovered what I think is the reason for the WordPress widget failure. See my short blog post about it.


WordPress re-vamps networking calls-to-action

A timely change to the like/share/rate section of our blogs. The more clean and tidy approach will, I hope, increase their use.

Nice one.

Making your posts more beautiful Here at WordPress.com we care about making things look good. Automattic, Inc., our parent company, invests heavily in design: every engineering team has a full-time designer. We know making things look and feel great is important  and we love making things people love to use. Over the last few weeks we’ve studied the most popular features people add to their blogs. Things like Sharing, Likes and Ratings. Previously when you turned them on it made … Read More

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