CorneliOS – A Framework for Building Community Platforms

Thanks to SourceForge’s Facebook timeline, I just discovered CorneliOS. From their blurb:

The CorneliOS WebOS is an easy-to-use and cross-browser “Web Desktop Environment”, “Web Operating System” or “Web Office”. It’s also a powerful web application framework that can be used to build community platforms.

Here’s a link to the CorneliOS web OS & application framework.

Doing my bit

Happy New Year!

This is not a new year’s resolution, but the turn of the month sees me looking to do something ‘useful’ with my not-at-work time and, in particular, I want to get involved in my local community (East Kemptown, Brighton). As I’m not particularly fit, active or handy, I think the best way I can contribute is by creating an online, hyperlocal community. I would think this would cover Eaton Place as its west-most boundary all the way East to the edge of the city (Roedean School) and incorporating the Whitehawk estate. (Perhaps this is a too large an area for ‘Hyperlocal’?)

However, I don’t want to set up a site that competes with others in the area. So if you know of any then please contact me. There’s nothing listed on Openly Local’s hyperlocal directory.

Please let me know if you can help, are interested in being listed or interviewed. I’m particularly keen to get involvement from local service deliverers, community projects / centres and our local councillors: Gill Mitchell, Warren Morgan and Craig Turton.

I’m publishing this in the newly created ‘Community’ category, which I’ll use for all posts related to this effort. I’ll keep you notified and look forward to your comments and contributions.