New Year’s Post: Project52 Planning

Photo of a calendarIn this, the first post of the New Year, I thought I would offer an explanation for my decision to join Project52, and also lay down my plans for implementing it.

The main reason for joining is that I am hopelessly undisciplined in my personal tasks (at work there is no such problem – probably due to the inherent structure in working life). I’m hoping that by having to write a blog post each week will spur me on to:

  1. Actually write something,
  2. Give me more momentum to get other personal projects / chores completed

Anyway, that’s the hope, and here’s the plan.

The Plan

The object is to write (at least) one blog post a week – that’s 52 posts in the year.

I’ve decided to split that into 4 categories with 13 articles in each. (Though I’m going to be flexible on this if I have more to say about a particular subject, at least being able to say ‘the next post needs to be regarding X’ will help me to focus on ideas for the post.)

The categories are:

  • Work-related
  • Interests (personal / professional)
  • Observations (a bit woolly, I know)
  • Excellence (a bit like ‘observations’, but concentrating on things I think are excellent – one of the core purposes the blog was originally set up for)

So, this is the first of my 52 posts (in the ‘Interests’ category, I guess). A bit of a cop-out, really, but you’ve got to start somewhere, and there’ll be more meat in the next post.