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The first time I heard about Scrivener I knew I had to try it. The free trial period meant that I had no excuses, and I’m glad I did.

Although I’m not a novel / dissertation / scientific paper writer, I find Scrivener to be invaluable for creating long-form documents – for my day job, for blogging and for my other hobbies.

Since I started to use Scrivener, I’ve been gathering resources around it – its use, its templates, techniques, tools and tips – and I’m sharing them here as a one-stop place to go for Scrivener information.

If you find the resources here useful, please share it with others. Any comments are also welcomed.
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Without further ado, here are a bunch of links to really useful Scrivener-related resources. If you know of something really good (and Scrivener related) that you think I should include, please pop a comment on this page.

The Writing process

Outlining & Structure

Before the Draft: Outlining in Scrivener
Michelle I. Mason

Story Structure in Scrivener
AG Daws

The New Love of My Life: Why Using Scrivener Makes Writing a Book So Easy
Natasha Lester
(Intro about using Scrivener to plan and outline.)

Guest Post: Loose pants, er, and belt-less
Justin Bog guest blogs on Pete Denton’s site about why he’s not a planner.


This is a great resource for writers, with Scrivener tips, tricks and how-tos as well as more general writing knowledge.

Scrivener and the short story
JW Nelson

How Scrivener helped me write “The Dark Side of Innovation”
Ankush Chopra

Using Scrivener to create fictional comics
Jessica Abel

Using Scrivener to write a successful stage play
Phil Mansell

Using Scrivener for Genealogy Writing
Lynn Palermo
Lynn curates “The Armchair Genealogist” blog. This link provides a series of great videos around using Scrivener for genealogy

8 Ways Scrivener Will Help You Become A Proficient Writer Overnight
Joseph Michael writing on Joanna Penn’s blog

How I Use Scrivener To Organize My Book Writing
Todd Henry


How to Use Scrivener to Edit Your Book
Natasha Lester

Scrivener’s Version of Track Changes
Ava Jae


How to format your eBook using Scrivener
Michael J Holly

How to Build a Professional eBook in 9 Easy Steps
Aric Mitchell

Advanced eBook Formatting for Kindle
David Masters

How To Format A Perfect Novel: Part 1
Garrett Robinson


Scrivener templates for you and me
Belinda Crawford

Templates for your writing life
Belinda Crawford
Another link to Belinda’s blog. This one contains many templates (some already covered here) that you may want to check out.Creating a Story Bible (with a free template)
David Hewson

Caro’s Outliner Template
Caroline Norrington

Creating a Custom Project Template in Scrivener
Thaddeus Hunt

Writing a Picture Book in Scrivener – Free Scrivener Template
Claire O’Brien
US and UK sized templates for picture book authors.

Tools for writing

A great free-form mind-mapping tool, by the makers of Scrivener.

My New Whiteboard: Scapple
K. M. Alexander
A good review of the mapping tool.

Aeon Timeline (Max OSX)
Great (and beautiful) tool (Mac only currently) for managing timelines and plot lines.

Index Card for iPad (iPad App)
A cork board writing app for iPad. Synchronises with Scrivener.

My writing toolkit
Keith D Edinburgh
(includes mind mapping, time lining & snowflake in addition to Scrivener)

Mind Mapping – the written word
(a quick intro to Scapple)

NaNoWriMo Tools – Part 3: Get Organized
Mike deHilster – The Refined Word

Review: IndexCard for iPad and Scrivener for OSX
Mike Evans

StorySkeleton, An Index-Card Story Mapping App That Works With Scrivener
By Charlie Sorrel on the Cult of Mac website
Product review

Tips, Tutorials and How-tos

Scrivener and the Cloud: Best Practices 2013
Jefferson Smith
This is a really good list of Scrivener best practices, from Jefferson’s “Good Reads” blog

How I Write

How I use Scrivener to write my books
Shana Norris
A comprehensive account of Shana’s methods for using Scrivener to wrote her Young Adult fiction novels

Writing using Scrivener – how it’s done
W.E. Larson

Tech Tuesday: Inserting Images in Scrivener
Gwen Hernandez

Managing a project: a subtle trick in Mac Scrivener
David Hewson
How to best utilise the multiple document notebooks in Scrivener for Mac.

Can We Use Beat Sheets with Scrivener?
Jami Gold

Managing revisions in Scrivener
David Hewson
Short & informative post

Scrivener for fiction
James Eggebeeen
Great PDF about fiction writing with Scrivener

Writing for the time-impoverished (using Scrivener)
Matthew Harffy

Scrivener Writetip: Using the Cork Board
Mary Sutto

Using Scrivener to Write and Publish an eBook
David Masters

How To Create An Ebook Using Scrivener
Susan Russo Anderson

How I Write Technical Blog Posts
Elmer Thomas
Another great ‘how-to’, with Scrivener as part of a complete toolset that’s relevant and useful not just to technical writing.

READ or DOWNLOAD: Your Guide To Scrivener, The Ultimate Tool For Writers
Justin Pott
Justin’s post links to his guide – available as eBook, PDF or for reading online.

Scrivener – How I use it, part 1
Jason M Hough
(Jason is a NYT bestselling author and Scrivener user. Here’s part two.)

How to Sync Scrivener With Your iPad
Michael J Holly

How to Use Scrivener for Windows on the Go on a Laptop or Mobile Device
Robin A. Burrows
How to use the “Export” and “Import” features of Scrivener for Windows to support mobile editing of your projects.

Labels, Status, and Keywords in Scrivener
Jennifer Kettell
Jennifer provides a number of different ways to re-purpose labels, status and keywords – very useful and informative

A Manual Progress Bar in Scrivener
Chris Lesage ingeniously shows how to monitor your progress in Scrivener if you don’t have target word counts.

Simply Scrivener
A website dedicated to bringing you Scrivener tips and tutorials

Printed material (

Writing a Novel with Scrivener [Kindle Edition]

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Your Guide To Scrivener: The Ultimate Tool For Writers [Kindle Edition]
Nicole Dionisio

Scrivener for Dummies
Gwen Hernandez

I’m also maintaining a general “Writing” aStore on amazon that you may like to look at / suggest materials for.

General praise

How I Write Pt. II (or, Scrivener: I Would Prefer Not To Use Anything Else)
Benjamin Sherlock
(Part 1 details his initial drafting process on pen and paper)

How Scrivener helps my writing process – Part 1
Catherine Chant

The Top 5 Reasons Why Scrivener is My Favorite Writing Software
Karen Prince

Five Things Tamara Ireland Stone Loves About Scrivener
Beth Revis

5 Reasons I switched to Scrivener for all my writing
Michael Hyatt

6 Reasons why Scrivener is the best writing tool EVER
Elena Aitken

3 more reasons why Scrivener makes writing a book easy
Natasha Lester

5 Awesome Scrivener Facts
(In fact the entire LiveHacked site is a great resource for Scrivener and writing in general.)

Why I love Scrivener and Evernote
By Heather McCoubrey on Jennings Wright’s blog.

What I Love about Scrivener
Lucinda Whitney

Writing with Scrivener – Pros and Cons
A great list of pros & cons from the perspective of a new Scrivener user.


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