Final word on the Delicious WordPress Widget

So, this will be my last word on the subject. To be honest, nothing’s changed since my last post; I’ve had nothing back from Avos regarding the support question I raised, and so I continue to incorporate my Delicious links into my blog template using the RSS feed.

The one thing that would resolve the issue would be for WordPress to update the Delicious widget to use the V2 API, which works perfectly in the new Avos system, rather then the V1 API, which Avos have not maintained across the purchase. I’m not holding my breath, but hope that something will be done here.

Of course, now that I’m using an RSS feed, there’s no reason for me to continue with Delicious at all, and I could just as easily switch to an RSS feed from my Pinboard bookmarks instead.

WordPress Delicious widget work-around

This is part 3 of a seemingly never-ending saga which started here and continued here.

OK, I bit the bullet, removed the Delicious widget and replaced it with a plain-old RSS one. (Thanks to Andy Extance for trying it.) After a bit of CSS jiggery-pokery it almost looks the same as the original. For my RSS feed the URL is: Replace the last bit with your Delicious username and you’re good-to-go.

However, I’m not satisfied and intend to pursue the loss of JSON feed (which the Delicious widget relies on).

Further info on the Delicious WordPress Widget Issue

In a previous post I noted that the transfer of Delicious from Yahoo! to AVOS had caused the WordPress Delicious widget to break. Having been slightly ‘out of the loop’ for a day or so, due to an out-of-the-office development strategy meeting, yesterday, I returned to the office this morning to discover Delicious’ beta status blog.

It’s encouraging to see all the progress that Avos is making in resolving the issues that so many people have encountered during the transition, but there’s no mention of the WordPress widget issue that I (and so many of you out there) are having.

At this point I should state that here I’m considering the Delicious widget in the hosted (free-to-use) WordPress system, not the roll your own .org version.

I did a bit of sniffing on the requests made by the widget when the page is loaded, and it’s hitting the Delicious feed URL requesting JSON formatted data in return. In my case, the url is ‘‘. This is returning a (very pretty, but useless) Page not found HTML page, which isn’t going to help a script, let alone a human being.

I’d like to point this out to the Avos people – that there is a JSON version of the API that they’re seemingly not considering (all information in the aforementioned blog discusses only JS endpoints) – but the blog is not open to comments.

I’m going to send an email and see whether that gets the community any further attention (or, indeed, any attention at all).

Watch this space.

Update: 4th October 2011

I’ve decided to replace the Delicious widget with an RSS feed. Not ideal, but a work-around. See later post about it.


WordPress Delicious widget broken

The recent update to Delicious, since its change of ownership to Avos (from Yahoo!), seems to have broken my ‘Noted’ sidebar widget. Which is a shame, because I’ve got loads of great links to share with you.

According to Avos’ blog:

We’re still supporting all Delicious APIs and feeds, with more on the way

I’ll leave the widget there, empty, for now, and hope its content returns.

Have you suffered the same fate? Did you find a way to resolve it? Let me know in the comments.

Update: 11:42pm

  1. Sorry – obviously I still want you to see all the memorable links that I am grabbing, so go here to the delicious links, or here to see them on Pinboard.
  2. And, yes, Pinboard is now way behind on it’s mirroring of Delicious links, so I suspect that the API is broken for that, too.
  3. Turning their weapon against them (so to speak) keevacaereni has set up a Delicious ‘stack’ to curate information about the transition

Update: 29th September 9:16am

Have just noticed (sorry, was in a massive meeting all yesterday) that there’s a Delicious Transition Blog, where AVOS are posting progress on resolving the issues we’re all encountering.

I’ve done a bit of techie delving and discovered what I think is the reason for the WordPress widget failure. See my short blog post about it.


These are a few of my favourite feeds

At the last count, I subscribe to nearly 140 RSS feeds. Admittedly, quite a few of these are notification feeds from project management and software development applications, but the vast majority are blog-based.

I use NewNewsWire to read my blogs (Apple only – sorry, D0nny), and I link it up to Google Reader (not compulsory) so that I can read subscriptions on my iPad, too (using FlipBoard). I tend to skim through the titles of new posts and then read the preview of those that interest me. If it’s really worth reading past the preview I’ll either read it there-and-then, or stick it in Delicious and Pinboard as research or reference material.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite blogs. ‘Favourite’ is a difficult thing to quantify, as my reading is quite diverse and what makes one blog better than another is difficult to pin down, if indeed possible. So here are my top 10 blogs, based on the number of articles that get to the final stage of being read and/or bookmarked – a statistic that is really easy to get from NetNewsWire:

(All title links lead to the blogs’ home pages.)

1. The Wall

“Social, marketing, media: Blogged”. The Wall is part of Brand Republic. The vast majority of the stuff I read from here is social media related. It’s a UK production aimed at marketing, media and comms industries. They have a large and varied selection of contributors and I find that I’m usually ‘in tune’ with their opinions.

2. Think Vitamin

“A Blog for Web practitioners Designed, Built and Curated by Carsonified”. Aimed pretty much exclusively at the development community. Lots of good stuff, though they are pushing their members-only content quite a lot. Curated by Paul Boag and Ryan Carson, amongst others, so quality is the order of the day.

3. Simply Zesty

“Online PR & Social Media”. Lots of interesting articles around the major social media / networking companies, along with info about advertising / marketing campaigns making use of social media. I’m not selling it well – it’s really good!

4. O’Reilly radar

“Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies”. Number 4 on my most read list. I really like their daily “Four short links” posts highlighting ‘interesting elsewhere’ articles.

5. Smashing Magazine

Design (print, online, anywhere) and Coding. Lots of good stuff about UX, UI and mobile. Plus, every month they have a desktop wallpaper calendar post in which designers put forward desktop wallpapers for download. Some great inspirational stuff and loads of useful insights, tips, tricks & techniques.


“ is the news and analysis resource for ICT leaders in the UK public sector.” (original emphasis). A must-read for me. Lots of interesting, mainly work-related stuff.

=7. The Public-i Blog

“… the place where we talk about what we do.” This is somewhat unfairly down at number 7, as I read every post – there’s just not as many of them as there are on, say, The Wall or Think Vitamin. This is my company blog, so it’s pretty much expected that I’ll read it. That said, it’s an interesting read. If you want to know what Public-i does, then this is where you want to start.

=7. Curiouscatherine’s Blog

“Thinking about using the social web to do democratic things…..”. Catherine’s blog comes in equal 7th in the Ady’s most visited blogs top 10. Again this is very unfair (on Catherine) – I read every post. Admittedly I understand about 1 in 10, but that’s not the point. Mainly based around her PhD work, the blog continues to show how far down the intelligence scale I actually reside. Excellent analysis of where online meets offline and formal meets informal, along with identity, privacy, co-production.

9. Time Management Ninja

“Helping you win the battle against wasted time, disorganization, and all other things evil…”. This is one of many time management / GTD type blogs I subscribe to, and is the most read. (And the one I’ve commented on the most.) Craig’s posts are excellent: sometimes challenging, sometimes obvious (after the fact), always worth reading if, like me, you get a buzz from time management.

10. Carl’s Notepad

“Thoughts and observations on the world around me”. Carl Haggerty is the Digital Communications Manager at Devon County Council. I made his acquaintance through work, started reading his blog and have found it to be a great read. Again, this doesn’t deserve to be in 10th position, as I read most, if not all, of Carl’s posts.

So there you go. My top 10 most read blogs. This time next week it’ll probably have all changed. It’s a very small percentage of the number of blogs I subscribe to, so I hope to highlight some of the others, which are just as interesting, in future posts.