A Sheepish Apology to my project52 Brethren

This post is by way of an apology – I’ve been very lax in my commitment to Project 52. It all started very well, in that I got my first post out in good time, but since then there’s been nothing. Given that the first post set out my plan for how I would manage a post a week, I feel that I’ve let down both the p52 community and myself. That said, it’s only week 5(!) and I do have a lot to write about – it’s just finding the time that’s the problem. As a fan of Getting Things Done, this shouldn’t be the issue, but there you are.

So you can look forward to some posts about the following:

  • The 3 books I’ve recently taken receipt of. I’ll not be writing reviews until I’ve read them (novel, I know), but want to introduce them to you and the reasons why I acquired them;
  • The two project releases that we did at the end of January;
  • My new kitchen. (Well, it’s of interest to me, and I want to ‘big up’ the suppliers and workmen who, on the whole, did a fantastic job.)

So, that’s it for now – watch this space, as they say…


OpenID Fail

Don't go there

Don't go there

What’s up with OpenID.org? In September 2009 they changed their site

“to incorporate a secure, easy to use OpenID”

Well, that’s nice.

I say ‘apparently’, because no-one told me. The new site is awful – anyone who is not tech-savvy will have a hell of a job finding out why they can’t use their OpenID to log into their favourite sites.

The fact is that they’ve changed their password encryption system (reading between what few lines there are, here) and old (pre Sep 09) passwords won’t work anymore. No email to tell you that, no easy way to find out that there’s been a change, no help, feedback hidden down several clicks.

What a massive fail. Fortunately, I’m not with OpenID.org. My friends and colleagues who are, are switching,