How to make the Pomodoro Technique excellent – a wish

Here’s what’d be really excellent – if my favourite Pomodoro application and my favourite Task Management application would combine forces.

I use the Pomodoro application to manage my time-boxing and Wunderlist for my To-dos. What I’m lacking is the ability to fully manage my pomodori online – currently, if one’s truly following the Pomodoro technique – I have to write each task down on a piece of paper (I use index cards for no reason other than I have several spare boxes since we moved our sprint planning online) indicating how many Pomodori I think it’s going to take. And then I use the Pomodoro application to record success, failure and interruptions.

Now, if Wunderlist included the ability to mark up each task with the number of pomodori and then run the pomodori, recording interruptions, etc., I’d be a really happy chappy.

The minimalist guide to planning 2012 and beyond

No New Year resolutions this year. In fact, I don’t do any any year. However I am resolved to creating a mind map of my goals and aspirations for this year and beyond. Yes, it’s a resolution; but it’s not a New Year’s resolution.

It’s something I’ve never done before and never really understood the point; I think because it’s so far removed from the day-to-day business of getting things done – to-do lists, projects and next actions. Plus, they’re very often cited in the context of a spiritual journey, which put me off & made me somewhat sceptical of their usefulness.

Found: Excellent GTD weekly review tutorials

Came across this great blog post - Getting Things Done – The Weekly Review Step By Step – Video Tutorial - this morning, and wanted to share it with you. Adan’s video tutorials are great, and I’m always interested to see how other people manage their GTD process.

This blog post addresses the area that I have the most trouble managing – the weekly review. It’s refreshing to hear that he takes around 2 hours to do this – I seem to take this amount of time but was never whether that was too long.

I hope you find it of use.

Excellent customer support: Alfred

Just wanted to run off a quick post to sing the praises of the people behind Alfred. I’ve been using the OS X add-in for quite a while now (can’t remember how long – years?) as a way to speed up my interface with the computer and the web. I won’t go into all the stuff it does, as that’s more than adequately covered by their website, and suffice it to say that I think it’s fantastic; I’ve got a custom search set up for greplin and others and find myself using the calculator far more than I ought to. I bought the ‘Power Pack’ upgrade more because I thought the guys deserved the money than to make use of the extra features (although I do use them now I have them, of course); the free version is powerful enough to suit most people’s needs.

Not only is the application good, but I’ve just had some of the best customer support that I’ve ever received. I rolled off a tweet, and within a couple of minutes was in a conversation with them trying out some stuff to see where the problem lay. It looks like the problem may be with Apple’s APIs but I’m more than happy with the response and outcome from the team at Alfred.

If you are a Mac user and have not had the opportunity to try Alfred, I heartily recommend that you do – it certainly fits in the ‘excellence in the everyday’ theme of my blog.


(I am not affiliated in any way to Alfred or the people behind it.)